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The '' Real Estate Scheme '' (RES) is a scheme through which a foreigner may invest in Mauritius. The RES offering expatriates to acquire villas and apartments of high quality within the building complex of international standard facilities including commercial and leisure. RES costing 500 000 USD allows the applicant to request a Mauritian residency permit. The permit is valid for a period of three years for the first time and renewable each 10 years as a permanent one. Sales of RES is done according to Vente en l’état futur d’achèvement (VEFA) governed by the Mauritius Civil Code. Note that a company holding a Category 1 Global Business License (GBLC1 regulated by the Financial Services Act 2007) can also purchase a residential unit under the RES device. The registration fee for RES units are USD 25 000 (approximately EUR 22 000) or 5% of the purchase price, whichever is the higher rate. Who can acquire a RES in Mauritius?

  • • A Mauritian
  • • A foreigner
  • • A company registered as a foreign company under the law "Companies Act 2001"
  • • A "trust" whose trustee is duly authorized by the "Financial Services Commission"
  • • A partnership with the act of formation is deposited with the "Registrar of Companies"
  • • A company incorporated under the law "Companies Act 2001"

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